World Link Technical Solutions LLC

Our Products

           In the course of time, there evolved a few solid products which look standard yet flexible. We rarely provide standard packages but customize all our products to quench your appetite. That is one thing that makes us unique.

Beyond the Numbers Accounting

           Book keeping is a day to day activity of any business and it is of due importance during the end of the year. Most of the accountants and even managements find it as mere numbers but we find a lot of potential Beyond the Numbers. Yes, they speak a lot of things much beyond the magnitude of the final figure.

Accounting is always found running a preset show with minimum flexibility to fit into the core concept of the business. Zealous Entrepreneurs look into accounts team as a standalone department which really can't be integrated in a seamless way without lot of man power. This very thought is our motivation to come up with an Accounting ERP which really adds value to one's business.

We believe each business is unique and their accounting practice also must be different. It's well written that the primary objective of any business is to make money but we also know that not everyone sells apple. Thus we offer the right solution for your requirement.

We just don't sell what we have, but cater for your needs. We understand your business model and customize ourselves to fit into your business. We help design the accounts and even act as a catalyst for BRP (Business Process Re-Engineering), if required to adopt the best practices in the respective industry.

All our products are designed and developed by our experts, which means that we know it high and low. So we are confident to sit across the table with you to discuss what more you need to make your life easy.

We don't get settled with the second best. Thus we always see far beyond.

Beyond the Billing POS

           Point of Sales (POS) is nothing new now as there is no retail billing without a POS. Our team thought beyond it as usual to go a step ahead to the conventional POS.

It's not just billing for you, but much beyond in all terms.

Beyond the Facts ERP

           We don't entertain standalone packages but always keep a room in all or applications for expansion. Even our Beyond the Numbers Accounting is not just an accounting package but the backbone of our ERP. Our ERP system is accounts focused and intelligent. It can be customized to reflect your business and join hands with you to take your dreams to the next level.

We dream Beyond the Facts and make you realize your dreams. Our team is well trained to understand your business and customize the system for you and even develop the unimaginable modules for you.

Why don't we have a cup of coffee and discuss further on what we can do for you?