World Link Technical Solutions LLC

Our Services

           We are born creative and have specialized solutions for our valued customers. We have found some of our biggest breakthroughs by taking another look at our strengths, and are thrilled to announce it. Our services cater for a major chunk of your needs and much beyond.

Agency and Representations

           We are well known as the representatives of various IT giants around the globe. Tech Mahindra from India is one among them. We act on their behalf and facilitate smooth execution of all projects and services in Oman. Our team of qualified employees bridges the time and distance gap between the client and the vendor to Feel Local, Yet Global.

We are also partnering more companies on a yearly basis as per the vision of our management to be a connecting link between Oman and the World.

IT Maintenance Services

           Information Technology is a fast growing child. It is said that the performance doubles every 18 months which reminds us that our IT assets can get obsolete in no time. Our experts are well trained and well updated on the technology outburst. This is our edge in the IT asset maintenance industry.

We are experts in evaluating and maintaining the IT assets of your company as perfect as it can be. We drill down to the deepest glitch to fix it and ensure a higher ground of security and our IT Doctors don't mind to go that extra mile with a smile.

We also train your IT asset users to avoid abuse of assets as we care for them. We believe most of the IT related issues can be prevented if the users are aware of it. As always, we emphasize that it's cheaper to be Pro-Active than Reactive.

Smart Shelf Solution: An E-Documentation Initiative

           Documentation is part of our daily work life. We as techno thinkers, make all things Electronically Simplified. Yes, E-Documentation is our latest initiative in an innovative Approach. We have our documentation experts to convert all our documents to e documents.

Still it is not just transformation to e-doc that matters, but the usability of it. That is where Our Next-Gen File Storage Application, Smart Shelf Solution makes your life easier. No more Manual analysis and calculations let us do it for you in a click as a subscription model.

The RFID enabled physical file tracking system is yet another additional premium Technology we have to ensure tracking of files and documents precisely with ease

IT Hardware and Software Supply

           We are authorized partner for all major IT and Network Products and Services. We build relationship with all global players to bring them in the local market within an affordable range.

We grow our partner network on a day to day basis and try to literally mean World Link. We expert partner team reviews the products and services we offer and suggest the best solution for your requirement than pushing any solution we offer. We keep our eye on quality, reliability, durability, affordability and customer delight.

We supply simple Antivirus solutions to complex Accounting and ERP Solutions.

ArchiTech: Custom Developed IT Solutions

           Standard solutions are the best for most of the scenarios. Still in our practical experience, we found that not all questions can be answered well with standard procedures. Each business is unique and a unique business can have unique issues too, so each one needs a unique solution for their specific needs. Thus we have our in house team to design and develop customized homemade solutions to match your business process.

We have found real satisfaction on a lot of faces and its real freedom to use some solution where we have full control. We are experts in it as we have expert team to understand your business process and adapt it to an IT friendly environment with very minimum business process reengineering. Right from a company website, we do in and out of all web and windows applications along with mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Print & Branding Solutions

           Creativity is in our blood and we can be nothing less than creative in all what we do. This is where we realized our potential in print and branding solutions. Our designing division is the best in branding solutions right from Logo, Labels, Brochures, Business Cards, Envelopes, Gifts and Complements, Uniforms and office interior designing.

This will help you stand out where ever you are and be well remembered by your clients. So think how you position yourself in the market now and how well you can be. We are remembered where the need for excellence beings.